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SPC Flakes


SPC Flakes induces the expression of a naturally occurring protein in the body called antisecretory factor. Antisecretory factor regulates the ion and fluid balance cross the cell membrane and even has anti-inflammatory properties. The product may be used for the dietary management of:

  • Meniere’s disease
  • Inflammatory bowel diseases including Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis and diarrhea
  • Mastitis

The product is dietary food for special medical purposes.SPC-flakes-pic(1)


For dietary management of patients with meniere’s disease and inflammatory bowel diseases.


Store in a dry and cool place

Pack Size

450g of flakes.

Serving Size

It is recommended at 1g per kg of body weight daily or as prescribed by your physician.  The serving size should be divided into 2-3 portions to be taken throughout the day.

A 150 pound individual would require 4.5 boxes of SPC-flakes each month at 1g per kg of body weight as recommended.

Rolled oats volume vs weight conversions
Oats Cup Gram Ounce Pound
Cup 1 90g 3.17oz 0.2lb
Kilogram 11.11 1000g 35.3oz 2.2lb
Tablespoon 0.06 5.63g 0.2oz 0.01lb
teaspoon 0.02 1.9g  0.07oz 0.004lb

Important Notice

  • SPC flakes must be used for approximately 14 days before the desired effect can be expected. Therefore, many initiate treatment with Salovum at the same time as starting the flakes. After approximately 14 days, the treatment with Salovum can be stopped and treatment with SPC flakes is continued.

  • The product is not meant to be the only source of nutrition




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