A ray of hope

The Company

Orpharma is an Australian pharmaceutical company focused on the supply of orphan, paediatric and emerging therapeutics. In addition, the company will be supplying medical devices for a range of applications.

The company was founded to serve unmet medical needs and to provide niche solutions. Orpharma is collaborating with global leaders in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals to deliver therapies to patients in need. Giving a ray of hope.

Orpharma’s current product portfolio includes innovative medicines targeting rare metabolic diseases, cancer and anti-infectives.

Globally we are working on increasing our presence in Asia Pacific, the MENA region and Eastern Europe through partnerships with world leaders in pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution.

Orpharma will be rolling out a suite of products over the next 18 months coinciding with approvals from regulatory bodies.

Our Mission

To facilitate access to niche pharmaceuticals serving unmet medical demand for orphan, paediatric and specialised medicines.

Our Vision

To provide a “ray of hope” to those in need through the provision of niche treatments.

Our Objectives

To be a respected and reliable partner for licensing companies and agents in global markets.