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PKU Easy Shake & Go


PKU Easy is a flavoured ready to drink phenylanaline free protein substitute containing essential and non-essential amino acids, carbohydrate, vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

PKU Easy Shake & Go is available in unflavoured or orange flavour. pku_shake


For dietary management of PKU in patients aged 3 years and older


Store in a cool dry place.

Pack Size

30 x 34 grams bottles

Dosage and administration

Add cold water (80-130ml) to the bottle containing the powder. Shake for 10 seconds and drink.

PKU Easy Shake & Go is recommended for immediate consumption or refrigeration.

Refrigerated product must be used within 5 hours.


Shelf life

18 months

Important Notice

  • Dose is established in cooperation with a dietitian or medical doctor and should only be used under medical supervision

  • The product is not meant to be the only source of nutrition

  • The product must not be given parenterally


Datasheet – orange flavour


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